Soulful Social Media Success

New Online Course: Soulful Social Media Success


A self-study online video course to help you plan 1 month of successful social media content 

Do you ever get stuck on what to post on social media? Perhaps you struggle to find the time to do as much social media as you would like? Do you want to make sales on social media without feeling salesy? Have you ever thought that you would like your content to be a true reflection of you without overtaking your life? Maybe you have a feeling that you can do social media in a calm, flowing and soulful way but you just need some guidance on exactly how to do this. Plus I am guessing that like me you want to have time to look after your own wellness and self care whilst doing all this!

In this self-study online course, you will plan your next 4 weeks of social media content in a easy, conscious and relaxed way. You will have the chance to write some posts in real time, plan categories of posts, organise any videos or photos you need to take and have a guide on how this will help you meet your goal whether it be more followers, more engagement, more enquiries or more sales (or all of these!).

This course will guide you on how to use your intuition, your unique personality and understand your personal brand in order to plan and create content that feels fully aligned. You will also learn how one social media post can be used in six or more different ways across a number of different platforms to maximise your reach and sales whilst minimising the time you need to spend making content.

The course is all video based learning (with me guiding you though all the way) with an accompanying workbook. The course has two modules which will only take you less than three hours to watch and complete all the tasks (have a notebook or journal to hand too!). By the end of those two modules you will be ready to grow your social media accounts, get more engagement and ultimately make more sales in your business!

I have reached almost a million followers collectively across all my social media platforms and social media has been an integral part of me growing and scaling my international Face Yoga Expert brand. So in this course I will share exactly what I have done to do this.

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