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Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

There’s no doubt that growing a successful wellness business sometimes requires you to do things that feel scary and uncomfortable. And while taking those steps can feel hard, they are necessary if you want to grow your business and continue to develop a brand that aligns with your soul purpose.

One of the things that can feel the scariest is pivoting your business and taking things in a new direction. But being willing to pivot when necessary is also essential to keep growing and scaling.

I’ve spent the past 17 years growing my Face Yoga Expert brand into a thriving business. Along the way, I’ve taken many pivots. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have achieved the growth and success that I have now.

It isn’t only professionally that I’ve needed to change direction from time to time. I’ve also done lots of pivots in my personal life – to take more time for myself, look after my health and wellness more, and have a better life-work balance.

Although these things sometimes might be driven by my personal needs, they affect how my business works too. So, making personal changes might also mean pivoting your business in a new direction.

As I say, pivoting your business can feel really scary. So, in this blog post, I’m going to give you some tips on how to know when it is time to pivot, and how you can start to make changes to move your business in this new direction.


How do you know if it is time to pivot?

Recognising when it is time to make a change in the direction of your business can be tough, especially when you’re busy with the day-to-day tasks of keeping everything running.

However, there are some common signs that you are reaching the point where a pivot is necessary to keep your business growing in a way that aligns with your soul purpose. These include:

  • You feel bored, frustrated, or fatigued by what you’re doing, offering, or selling. I don’t mean just an off-day – we all have those – but a sustained lack of ease in your work.
  • You feel like what you’re doing isn’t completely aligned with your soul purpose. Your business doesn’t light you up the way it used to – or maybe it never gave you that sense of purpose and completeness in the first place.
  • You’ve noticed that your business has started to plateau. Perhaps you aren’t growing in terms of the money that’s coming in or perhaps you are struggling to attract new customers or clients. Perhaps your social media growth has stagnated.

If any of this resonates, it is probably time to start thinking about pivoting your business to bring it back into alignment with your deep soul purpose.


Pivoting feels scary…

Knowing that it is time to make a change is just the start. Making that change a reality is a daunting prospect, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself full of doubts and fears at the idea of pivoting your business in a new direction.

It is always scary when we step into the unknown, and that’s what we’re doing when we make a pivot in our businesses (or in our personal lives). We’re closing a door on a familiar chapter and opening ourselves up to something new.

Every time I’ve made a pivot in my business, it has worked out well. That’s because I’ve always pivoted towards something that feels completely aligned with my soul purpose and that I believe 100% will be the right choice for me and my business.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t get worried or nervous when I make a change. I still feel fear, I still have that little doubting voice in my head that asks, “will this really work?”

But it is worth pushing through the fear and taking the risk, if it is taking you towards something you feel fully aligned with. I trust my intuition to guide me in the right direction. And I know that my business only grows when I am completely aligned with what I’m doing.


How do you start to make a pivot?

So, you know that it is time to pivot your business in a new direction and you aren’t going to let fear and doubt hold you back. How do you go about making changes that will start your business off down this new road?

The first step in making a pivot is to start saying no to some things.

It sounds simple but is actually very hard to do. Saying no to your existing clients or customers can feel horrible. Putting down things that you consider your responsibility is tough. And turning your back on an established stream of regular income can feel both scary and precarious.

But until you start saying no to things that don’t feel good or don’t move you to your next step, you can’t make the space you need to take that next step and pivot your business to where you want it to be. 

Examine everything in the context of that next step. If you want to grow and scale your business, then you need to start saying no to anything that is holding you back from that growth. 

Of course, your next step might not necessarily be growth. Perhaps you’re looking to take a step back from your business instead. Perhaps you want to take more time for yourself or to have fewer customers or clients.

Again, reaching that next step means saying no to some things.

Once you’ve looked hard at what you’re doing right now and have started to say no to the parts of your business that no longer serve you, you need to start putting steps in place that will lead you in the direction you want to pivot in.

I find visualisation and journaling can be hugely helpful tools in uncovering where I want my business to be and how I can get there. It is much easier to know what steps to take when you have a clear idea of your desired destination. 

Take some time to visualise what you want your business to look like. Go into detail. What do your days look like? What are you doing? Who are your customers or clients? Is your focus on serving people online or in person? What are your offerings or products?

Consider too what you want your work-life integration to look like. Many of us who work in the wellness sector are here because we want to make our own health and wellness a priority. How can you do this while also helping others? When will you take time for yourself? What will your family life look like?

Make sure you write down your thoughts, visions, and goals. Be as clear as you can about where you are going and why this is the right direction for you.

Once you are clear on where you want this pivot to take you, think about what your first step will be. Something practical – a physical step you can take to bring your business goals into reality.

Another important step is to talk to your existing customers and clients about the changes you’re making and why. Your new direction may not be a good fit for all of them, but you’ll likely find that your pivot means you can help people in new and different ways.

I always like to think about the people who are the right fit for my business as soulmate clients. These are the people who you can help, who will benefit from your offerings, and who will support you as you pivot your business in a new direction. 

Just continue to be your authentic, genuine self, and communicate the changes in your business as clearly and honestly as you can. Those soulmate clients will come with you – and you’ll also find new ones as you pivot in a direction that brings you into greater alignment with your soul purpose.

Finally, tune into your intuition. That deep gut instinct is the best guide we have in finding the right path for ourselves and our businesses. If you listen to it, you’ll find it brings you closer towards work that feels full of value, purpose, and abundance.


Take the next step

Whether you are considering pivoting an existing business or getting ready to take the first step into setting up your own venture, I hope this post has given you some tools to help you grow and scale in a direction that aligns with your deep soul purpose.

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