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Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

When you’re starting out on the path to living your soul purpose and growing your wellness business, it can sometimes feel daunting knowing what to share with others. So, I want to give you an insight into something I’ve found hugely helpful in guiding me as I grow my face yoga business.

This is a tip that I hope you will find useful as a steer for what to share on social media, as well as giving you some inspiration for where to focus any coaching or workshops you offer as part of your business.

And that thing is, simply, to really tune into the things that feel easy and obvious to you – and share those things with others.

Let me explain a bit more about what I mean.



What is easy and obvious to you, isn’t easy and obvious to others

Sometimes I think we overcomplicate things. We think that it is the things that we find difficult and challenging that will be the most transformational for our audiences.

However, what I’ve noticed in my own business is that when I share the things that come easily to me, the things that feel flowing and natural – that’s when I feel the most aligned and help the most people.

Essentially, this is because the things that feel easy and obvious to me don’t feel that way to other people. I think we can forget this simple fact!

For example, I do yoga every day. It is one of my wellness non-negotiables. And there are certain poses that I do all the time. These are poses that I naturally turn to regularly. To me, they feel almost as automatic and routine as brushing my teeth.

So, when I’m considering what to share with my audiences, I might dismiss those poses as being too routine, too obvious, too easy. What’s the point in sharing something so simple? Everyone probably does them already.

Of course, when I think about it, I know this isn’t true. But there’s an automatic presumption that the things that are easy and obvious to us are also easy and obvious to other people. I might assume that everyone already knows these poses, knows the benefits of doing them, and understands how the poses can help them feel healthier and more connected on a soul level.

However, when I take a step back and notice the assumptions that I’m making about what other people know and experience, I can come at this from a different angle. Instead of thinking to myself, “there’s no point sharing these poses, everyone knows them”, I can say instead, “these poses are easy and obvious to me, what if I shared them with other people?”

Then, when I do share them, I realise just how transformational these things that seem so routine to me can be to other people. Because, of course, they really aren’t easy and obvious to everyone.

The reverse will be true too. There are things that I find hard work or that I don’t yet know much about that will feel obvious and straightforward to other people.

It’s about being generous with our knowledge and not dismissing what we know as too simple to share. You’ll be surprised how much of what seems so basic and evident to you is valuable and inspiring to someone else.



Share what feels easy

Once you realise that it is exactly the things that feel easy and obvious to you that you should be sharing with your audiences, it can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

I always say that if posting on your social media accounts feels stressful and pressured, it is a sign that you need to switch your mindset and start approaching it from a place of alignment, authenticity, and abundance.

Those things that feel easy to you are the things you are most aligned with, the things that come from your authentic self. When you give yourself permission to see the value in them and share them widely, it becomes much easier to see your path forward to living your soul purpose.

So, really start stepping into sharing what feels easy and obvious to you within your business.

You can use this as the basis for any coaching or teaching you do too. But sharing on social media is a great place to start.

Don’t overthink it. Just start talking about the things that come naturally to you.

For example, perhaps you do a daily meditation practice. Share how you do it.

You might be surprised by just how much impact sharing something you do daily can be. Perhaps that practice becomes part of the daily routine of someone else. Perhaps ten other people. Perhaps a hundred. Perhaps a thousand.

Maybe that daily practice then begins to make a difference to their mental health, their physical health, their relationship with themselves, their relationship with other people.

You don’t know what power those things that feel easy and obvious to you might have in other people’s lives. And you don’t know how far that impact might ripple.

It all starts with sharing from a place of ease and flow.



Social media – but make it calm, conscious, and soulful

Social media is a fantastic tool to connect with people and share what you offer through your wellness business. But it can also feel daunting, demanding, and stressful.

I hope that the tip I’ve shared in this post will help you start to see how you can share on social media in a way that feels natural and aligned with your soul purpose. When we show up authentically and use our intuition to guide us, our social media presence can be a true reflection of our authentic selves.

This is the way I show up on my own social media channels, and it has helped me reach and help thousands of people at the same time as growing my face yoga brand into a thriving and profitable business.

I share plenty more insights about how I create content, grow my audiences, and market my business from a place of alignment and authenticity through Soul Purpose Business, a place for women who love wellness and want to successfully grow their soul purpose businesses and careers.

You can take a deep dive into what it means to build a successful soul purpose business by taking part in my 10 module, Be Your Own Brand course. I also offer a short course in Soulful Social Media Success, which will help you plan a whole month of social media content in an easy, relaxed, and conscious way.

Lots of love,



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