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business self-care soul purpose tips Nov 23, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

Every day I run my business according to 4 core values. These are the root of everything I do, create and share (and they also spell out FACE!). They are also the root of what I teach you in the Be Your Own Brand course, so you can run your business this way too.


F for Freedom

I have always had LOADS of freedom within my business over 17 years in terms of my time and ability to pivot and I feel so passionate about teaching you to do the same. I always joke that I would be sacked from a regular job as I like to work half days when I want, work how and where I choose and even take a bath on a Tuesday lunchtime if I want! Freedom IS possible in your business too and in the Be Your Own Brand course I guide you through exactly how you can do that.


A for Abundance 

Every day I wake up by saying 'thank you' in my mind and feeling grateful for all the abundance around me. I believe that with aligned sales strategies and getting clear on your soul purpose ‘why’ you can have unlimited abundance in all its forms (money, time, love, service to others, happiness, health). There are certain tools and techniques I use to achieve abundance and financial success which I lead you through step by step in Be Your Own Brand.



C for Care

Deep in my soul I know my purpose is to help others. To be caring, to be of service and to make a positive impact in the world. I have proven that it is possible to run a successful business AND care for my customers, clients, followers, team, family, friends and also myself. In the Be Your Own Brand course I share all my secrets of how I do this and how you can do this in your business too.


E for Energy

The reason I started my business was because I went through (and fully healed myself from) a chronic illness at age 21. I knew that I not only wanted to help others by sharing the holistic techniques I had used to become healthy and happy but I wanted to live a life where my health, wellness and energy were my top priority. I knew that this would only happen if I was my own boss and chose my own working hours. To this day, I love running a business as it allows me to have energy and good health daily (and practice what I preach!). In the Be Your Own Brand 10 module course I show you so many beautiful wellness techniques, help you balance and align all your energy centres (chakras) and share how wellness can be a priority for yourself and the people you help and serve in your business and life.


If you feel called to uplevel your business, step into your soul purpose and know exactly how to run your business with freedom, abundance, care and energy, this is your sign! There is only less than 6 weeks left of 2022 so you could finish your year achieving bigger and bolder goals than you ever imagined (with the healthiest and wealthiest mindset ever!). You can get started here

Lots of love,



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