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business soul purpose Aug 24, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

I have to say, I don’t usually refer to myself as an entrepreneur. There’s something about the word that doesn’t feel quite right to me. I’ll call myself a business owner or an expert, but rarely an entrepreneur.

However, it feels like the right word in this context because this blog post is going to look at how I approach business differently from traditional entrepreneurs. 

It is something I felt intuitively that I wanted to share with you all. I hope that it might remind you that you can do business differently and still be successful – I’m a living example of what is possible. I run my business in a way that is the complete opposite of the traditional corporate mindset and have still been able to grow and make money.

Whatever point you’re at in your business – an established business owner, just starting out, or getting ready to pivot from being employed by someone else – this blog post is for you. Although it is quite a personal look at how I do business, it should hopefully give you some tools and suggestions you can implement in your own work.

I truly believe we are in a new paradigm, and you can absolutely build a successful, thriving, profitable business by diving deep into you soul purpose. 

So, here are the five ways I’m different from other entrepreneurs.


1. I do everything by instinct and intuition

I haven’t always leaned as heavily into my intuition as I do now. For a long time, I was guided mainly by what my audience wanted and asked for. And I still do this to an extent – I believe it is important to listen and respond to your clients/customers. But don’t let it rule you altogether.

In the past two years, and especially in the last 6-12 months, I’ve been stepping further into allowing my intuition and instinct to guide me in making business decisions.

By intuition, I’m talking about those little thoughts and feelings that come from deep within to guide us on which path to take.

It isn’t always easy to tune into. Sometimes, I find I get stuck in my thinking brain – the part of me that deals in logic and analytics. Of course, that part of our brains has a role to play in business too. But it can make it harder to connect to the intuitive, instinctive part of ourselves.

I’m fortunate that my husband Bruce is very good at the logical, analytical, financial, legal, and operational side of the business. Although I’m used to handling all these things myself, Bruce has now retired from the fire service and has been able to take a much greater role within the Face Yoga Expert business.

This means I can step more fully into the intuitive side of myself and use it to guide my business decisions.

Following your intuition is not always easy or comfortable. Sometimes, it will be something like feeling moved to share a particular social media post, which is great. But at other times, it is a big pivot in the way the business works that can be challenging and involve overcoming a lot of fears and doubts.

Connecting to your intuition looks different for everyone. For some it is a little voice in their head, others might get a feeling, images, or a physical sensation in their bodies.

It can crop up while you’re journaling, taking a walk, in the shower, meditating, or in bed at night.

Make space for it, but don’t try to force it – it never comes when you try too hard. And remember that we are cyclical beings. We’ll have times when the ideas flow freely and other times when nothing comes through at all.

Don’t worry if no ideas surface. Just accept that this is the part of the cycle you are in right now. It will come back around again.


2. I like alone time

Right now, my worst scenario for my business would be working in a big corporate office with a traditional, rigid 9-5 schedule, surrounded by all my employees.

We have a great team at the Face Yoga Expert, but everyone works from home and chooses their own schedule. My team are all freelancers, and they can fit their work around their lives in whatever way suits them best. I want them to have the same freedom and flexibility that Bruce and I have.

I really value alone time. I do my best work when I’m on my own. I still love to spend time with people, teaching and sharing. And I’m very confident in talking to others. But it is about finding that balance and honouring the introverted side of myself.


3. I love to do self-care throughout the day

This goes back again to the values of freedom and flexibility, which are important guiding principles within my business. I always make self-care a priority and it is important to me that I have the flexibility in my working day to do my self-care practices.

I’ve talked before about my three wellness non-negotiables, which are walking, yoga, and face yoga. So, those will always be a part of my day.

But I’ll also take time during my working day for other self-care practices that nourish my body and soul. For example, I might take a short break to walk barefoot on the grass and breathe, or I might spend a few minutes using my bamboo body tapper.


4. I need to feel aligned to make money

You definitely don’t need to do business in a rigid, traditional way to make money. My business brings in multiple six-figure sums each year, and I believe that it's on its way to making seven figures in the next year or two.

However, I have realised that the business only grows and makes money when I am fully, 100% aligned with what I’m doing.

I might still be able to put out great content, but if it doesn’t feel like it comes from deep within my soul, the business will plateau, or only grow very slowly. At times it has even dipped very slightly, although it always comes back up again.

But when I feel from a deep soul place that this is what I’m meant to do and this is how my soul is meant to be connecting with all of you, my soulmate clients, the business grows too.


5. If it doesn’t look like work, it is my best work

When other people look at what I’m doing and think that I’m having a nice, relaxing break, that’s often when my best work is happening.

For example, I belong to a lovely gym that has a small spa attached. So, I’ll often go there and just lie in the sauna for ten minutes, sweating.

To most people, that probably looks like a lovely treat. But as I relax, I’m letting all the thoughts, feelings, and ideas come to me. Then, when I get home, I start to put them into action.

For me, this is when my best work happens. And it is very much part of how I grow my business and find the best way to help and serve other people.


Join me in doing things differently

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Lots of love,

Danielle 💜

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