Are you including these 5 things in your social media posts to grow your brand?

business social media techniques tips Sep 21, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

 Social media has been an integral part of me growing and scaling my international Face Yoga Expert brand and I have now reached almost a million followers collectively across all my social media platforms. However, reaching this point has taken time, consistency and constant learning (as social media is forever changing).

Today I wanted to run through the five things you should be including in your social media content right now:


1. Video

Video is having its moment across almost all social media platforms! Either short form ‘straight to the point’ videos (often under 10 seconds) or longer form deeper content over 5 minutes are doing the best in most cases. I know that video often feels hard to make but remember you can make it on your phone and the unedited real videos are often winning at the moment anyway.


2. Hashtags

Using these on Instagram, TikTok and even YouTube can help you get found. If you are looking to increase your following or reach, add a minimum of 5 hashtags to your posts to get discovered by your soul mate customers.


3. A caption

Every post needs a caption. Keep it conversational, authentic to your personality and clear. Ask yourself ‘is this how I would speak in person?’. If it’s a yes then it’s valuable and soulful words that your customers/followers will most likely want to hear.


4. Service

Every social media post needs to be about how it adds value and helps your followers/customers. Yes it can still be a post about you but ask yourself how can this be of service to others too?


5. Yourself

As well as showing up as the real, soulful and conscious version of you in your writing, if you can, try to include yourself in your photos and videos. People buy from people so your potential customers want to look you in the eye and really feel your energy.


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