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business soul purpose tips Oct 19, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

One of the reasons I created my  Be Your Own Brand course, is because I have noticed over the years that something many women struggle with is knowing how to sell their products or services in a way that feels authentic and aligned with their soul purpose to help others.

We often feel like we can’t talk too much about our businesses. We might worry that we’ll put people off if we spend too much time sharing about our offerings. And many of us associate sales with being aggressive, pushy, or manipulative.

However, if we’re not speaking about our businesses daily, no one else will be either! And we can’t build a successful brand and help more people if we never talk about what we offer.

In this post, I’m going to share one of my top tips for how to sell your offerings in a way that feels true to you and to your soul purpose.

I truly believe the old business paradigms are dead. We don’t need hard grind, aggressive marketing, or icky sales tactics to be successful. We can build businesses that are authentic, meaningful, and that serve others. We can welcome success and abundance in a way that is full of ease and flow – and that doesn’t demand that we sacrifice our values or our own wellness.

But to do all of that, we need to get comfortable showing up and talking about what we offer. So, here’s how I approach sales in a way that is authentic and aligned with my soul purpose.

It’s All About Your Soulmate Clients

When it comes to talking about your services, products, courses, or workshops, I find that sales feel natural and authentic when you come back to why you started your soul-purpose business in the first place.

Remember your desire to help people and reach those that need what you have to offer. If you aren’t talking about what you do, then you’re doing those people a disservice. They can’t find you and benefit from your work if you aren’t sharing how you can help them.

I call these people your soulmate clients. They are the ones who want what you are offering, know that it will help them, and are happy to pay for your services or products because they can see their value.

It’s so important to let these soulmate clients know how you can help them. You can make a difference to their lives – but only if you talk daily about what you offer and how they can access it.

Don’t undervalue these soulmate clients. You might think that talking too much about your business will put them off. But if they want what you offer, they’ll listen. Trust them to understand and see the value in your work.

When you approach sales with your soulmate clients in mind, you see how sharing about your offerings regularly comes from a place of generosity and alignment. As long as you are speaking from that deep, connected, soul-purpose place, you’ll attract those soulmate clients to you.

As for everyone else, they can listen and if they don’t like what you’re saying, then let them move on with love. From time to time, someone might be triggered, or you might get the odd negative comment. But your soulmate clients are the ones you need to be speaking to and for, not everyone else.

We cover dealing with negativity, imposter syndrome, and worries about worthiness in more detail in the Be Your Own Brand course. It can be daunting to work through these things, but if we don’t, we’re doing our soulmate clients a disservice.

During the course, you’ll also learn how to connect with your intuition and speak your truth from a place of authenticity and true alignment. We work with the seven chakras, including the throat chakra, which is all about speaking up and sharing your truth.

You can find out more about my Be Your Own Brand course here.

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