6 ways to feel less worried about your social media

business social media tips Nov 03, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business


1. Limit scrolling time

I have a rule of ‘create before consume’. This means that I always post something that is helpful and of service to others before I scroll. I also make sure I never scroll after 7pm as by having a non negotiable boundary like that means that I am more mindful of my screen time. 


2. Only follow uplifting accounts

Social media can be an amazing place full of inspiration and education but only if we are following and connecting with the right people for us. If you feel happier, more inspired or have learnt something after watching content then it’s right for you. If you feel bad about yourself, envious or negative then unfollow! 


3. Create boundaries with your direct messages and comments 

I am a big believer in replying to everyone that is kind enough to message or write something positive on my accounts. But that doesn’t mean I am replying every moment of the day. Instead, I recommend dedicating a slot of time each day to this so it becomes a mindful and enjoyable experience. 



4. Make it your positive corner of the internet

For so many years I didn’t want to go on social media. I felt it wasn’t aligned with wellness, health and self care. I now feel completely different of course! The biggest reason is that I now know I can create and consume content which helps me feel even more aligned with what I believe and I know I can reach and help people far more than if I wasn’t on social media. 


5. Be supportive of others

Building other people up, congratulating their wins and leaving nice comments all help to make social media a more positive place.


6. Know you are enough

Even when you follow all these guidelines, when you create and consume content on social it can sometimes leave you feeling like you aren’t enough. I get it, we have all been there for sure. Take a break for a few hours or days, use affirmations and know that you really, really are enough.

Lots of love, 



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