5 ways you can do business differently to the norm

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Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

I believe we are in a new business paradigm and running a business isn't what it used to be. You can share what you love from the heart and be lead by intuition. You can feel calm, abundant and happy. You can also be really successful and make great money. 

Below I go through five ways you can do business with this mindset and in a way that is different to the more traditional 9-5 business mentality: 


 1. Do more of what you love and integrate your work into that

Your business doesn’t need to feel tiring and hard all the time. Yes, there will be times when it feels like that, but you can also do things you love through your week. Then you can either do your work while you are doing what you love or adjust your hours around to fit in what you love doing. This is not always straightforward in business, but most business owners can find a way to find more joy in their week. And more joy means more alignment (and success!).


2. Use your divine feminine to guide you with a softer and calmer approach

The old masculine way of doing things is out and the balance of the feminine and masculine is what this new paradigm of business is all about. Most of us think that business is all about being in our masculine energy of the ‘doing’ and that hard hustle is the only way to succeed. It’s actually a delicate dance between the two parts that exist within everyone. Knowing and loving the divine feminine part of us helps us to use our intuition, natural flow and feelings of abundance more.


3. Talk about money without the guilt

Money isn’t talked about enough in a positive and abundant way. We all have attachments and stories connected to money. The more you can be aware of any blocks you have around money, the easier it will be to release those blocks and feel abundant. Remember two things. Even if we don’t physically have money in this moment we can still feel grateful for it. Secondly everything is energy and that includes money. It is us that attaches meaning to it.


4. Use manifestation to build your dream life

Write down your goals. Feel you have achieved them. Then your only work is to live in a place of joy and alignment to allow your manifestations to happen.


5. Be authentic and fully yourself

Be authentic with your clients, customers and followers. You can be you and still be successful. You don’t have to be a watered-down version of you or mould yourself to what you think is expected of you. Celebrate who you are and BE someone as you ARE someone. Show this to the world!

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Lots of love,