5 signs you aren’t living your soul purpose business (yet!)...

business self help soul purpose Oct 26, 2022
Danielle Collins, Soul Purpose Business

I wanted to share with you five signs that show you are not living your soul purpose business quite yet:


1. You feel burnt out

When you don’t feel aligned with what you are doing you can feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated or unappreciated. 


2. You are craving a change

If there is a feeling inside you that knows you aren’t living your soul purpose you may be craving either a big or a small pivot within your business or within your career in general.  


3. You feel disconnected from who you really are

Your soul has a deep rooted purpose (sometimes a number of purposes in fact). But if you feel out of touch with what it (or they) are then it can make you feel uncomfortable, disjointed and unaligned in your work and life. 


4. You are saying ‘yes’ to things which are really a ‘no’

It can be hard to live in alignment with your purpose when you are people pleasing or feel a sense of fear and scarcity and are saying yes to everything even if it causes you unhappiness or stress. 


5. You aren’t excited about the future

When you disconnect from your soul purpose you can feel hopeless or lost. This can lead to dreading or fearing the coming weeks or months or feeling anxious about your future.


If you read any of this and it sounds like you, please know things can and will change. I have felt all these feelings in the past and so have most people. Living in line with your soul's mission doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. It just takes a little inner work, being gentle to yourself and seeking some help and guidance.

Lots of love



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