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I’m best known as the World Leading Face Yoga Expert. I love wellness, self-care and business and this is what Soul Purpose Business is all about.

Let me take you back to the beginning… 19 years ago, age 21, I was very proud to achieve a first-class honours in Education and English Literature at Bath Spa University. However, shortly after I had finished my degree, I suffered from the illness of M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). This meant I was in chronic pain throughout my body and had overwhelming fatigue, which left me bed ridden and house bound. I was determined to be healthy, so I delved into the unknown for me (at that time) which was a journey of self healing and deep transformation. Through a variety of wellness routines and techniques, I healed myself in just over a year. I knew I had gone through those long and painful months for a reason and as I look back on it now; the reason was to discover my soul purpose and to share this with others. I had a deep desire to help others heal from within, like I had done, using simple, effective, and natural tools and techniques to help people look and feel the best version of themselves. 

There’s also another part to this story which I rarely share. I knew that as well as discovering what my true calling was, I needed to do work which would ensure that I stay healthy and relaxed and illness free. I knew the way to do this was to be self-employed/freelance/to run my own business. I could then pick my own hours, do self-care when I needed it. Plus sharing wellness with others would be a daily reminder for me that I must look after myself whilst also helping and serving others. So, for the past 17 years, I have done exactly that. I work hard, have great success and earn great money, but I also have time for health and happiness for myself and my loved ones.

Many of you will know my story about my trainings/teachings in Yoga, Relaxation, Nutrition, Face Massage and many other holistic therapies, plus vast research and development, that then led me to develop The Danielle Face Yoga Method. Later named by the press as The World Leading Face Yoga Expert. And I am blessed to have had so many successes with my work and business, such as:

  • Trained 1000s of individuals in over 50 different countries worldwide to become Face Yoga instructors
  • Appeared on many national and international TV shows
  • Featured in hundreds of leading publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail
  • Millions of views on YouTube
  • Almost a million social media followers across multiple platforms
  • Two bestselling books: The Face Yoga Journal and Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga (which has been translated into 12 languages and has won a Platinum Award for the best Health, Wellbeing and Spirituality Book)
  • Created my own successful skincare range: Fusion by Danielle Collins
  • A weekly podcast show, with guest appearances from celebrities and renowned experts about self-care tips and health hacks
  • Have been the face of major campaigns with Nintendo, BT, Groupon, Clarins and Olbas Oil
  • Collaborated with renowned brands such as P & G, Unilever, Dr Roebucks and Sweaty Betty
  • Won many awards and accolades, including Silver Award for my website by Mumpreneur and a YouTube silver award
  • Have been a keynote speaker on many stages internationally
  • Travelled to many countries to teach and share Face Yoga and wellness. 
  • Taught classes and personal sessions for many years to thousands of clients.

Alongside my business achievements, I have been blessed with many personal achievements, such as:

  • Mum to the beautiful Lucia (age 9) and Lilia (age 5) and proud wife to Bruce
  • A first-class BA honours in Education and English Literature at Bath Spa University
  • Diplomas in Face Massage, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Nutrition, Hatha Yoga and Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Reiki 1 and 2 and Alchemy Crystal Bowl Healing
  • Completed introductory training in Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, The Alexander Technique, EFT and Meditation.
  • I wake up each day loving what I do. I have the freedom, flexibility and finances to live a life of happiness, health and self-care. I get to help and serve people and make a positive impact every day.

I am so excited to share with you, exactly how I achieved these successes, scaled my business, grew on social media and helped millions of people, through my self-study online course, Be Your Own Brand.

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